Clara Bayarri

I am a Computer Science student with passion for creating things. I will try to collect here some of my dearest projects.

Cookie Cloud

Cookie Cloud is the name of the team formed by myself, Luz Rello and Azuki Gorriz, focused on developing games for children with learning disabilities.

Our first application, named Dyseggxia, has been a great success and can be found below. More details on our projects can be found through our website


This has been my very first collaboration with my dear friend Luz Rello. We have joined forces to combine her doctorate studies on Dyslexia with my Android skills to develop an application that helps Spanish children with Dyslexia overcome their difficulties by playing games.

The application is currently a beta version, and you can find all the information about the project as well as the application download at

amieggs for Android

This was my first Android application, and was actually born as a class project. I took the little characters from my brand amieggs and incorporated them into a lovely puzzle-type game.

Even though it is a simple application, I payed special attention to user interaction and usability, in order to make it intuitive and easy-to-use even for young players.

The app can be downloaded from the button below. You can also visit the amieggs app website at

gyaru pet for Android

This is an ongoing collaborative project for Android. I have been working on it with my friends Juan Pablo, an industrial designer, and Azuki, a graphic designer :)

The original idea came from Juan Pablo, who thought Japanese "Ko-gals" are funny when they talk, and we imagined a simple application that would reproduce their reactions to certain objects.

This project is not yet completed, but you can download a beta version from the button below.