Clara Bayarri

amieggs is a crochet plush brand I created back in the summer of 2010.
It has since then grown into a collection of dolls and finger puppets shaped like eggs that take the identities of animals, food, characters...


The official amieggs blog can be found at

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The official amieggs plush store on Etsy can be found at

There you will find a great variety of plushes, as well as crocheted furniture patterns. Amieggs plushes come in two versions, normal plushes and finger puppets. Due to the great variety of items, all versions might not be available on Etsy, feel free to contact me if you wish for something you can't find :)

amieggs on Facebook


The official amieggs facebook page can be found at

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Ravelry is an online community for people who love knitting and crochet. You can find my patterns as well as some of my crochet side-projects on Ravelry by visiting my Ravelry profile :)